Millennial Furniture Buyers

Millennial Furniture Buyers

Millennials are poised to take over as the largest group of furniture and home goods purchasers nationally within the next 5 years. However, there are few companies that understand and tailor their customer experiences to the specific needs of the millennial market. This market wants access to custom options, the ability to shop through their preferred channels, such as on-line stores, and affiliated on-line retailers, high quality products, envelope pushing design, and access to socially responsible companies.

Currently Millennials purchase new furniture in one of the following ways.

1. Traditional furniture stores, which offer online sales, however, provide little in the way of customization, often times skimp on quality, and prioritize profit over design. Also these companies are not focused on social responsibility. The end result, an experience which was created and intended for their parents generation, leaves Millennial customers lacking a sense of authenticity, and pride in their purchase. 

 2. Another option for our customers are local makers, and while they offer customization and good quality, the vast majority are not socially responsible, they often focus on a particular trend instead of producing timeless design, and they do not offer their products through the outlets millennials prefer. 

3. Boutiques and interior designers, much like local makers can facilitate customization and quality products, but are not socially responsible, often focused on a passing trend, and have lack luster or non-existent online stores.

Our company, Bear It No More, is the solution to these problems. We are passionate about and have proved to be adept at turning our client’s furniture dreams into to a clearly defined plan, which eventually comes into their homes not simply as a piece of furniture, but as a piece of easily attainable, timelessly designed art. A piece that gives back to their community and to their environment and that they can pass down to their children. 

We accomplish this by offering a trendsetting timelessly designed line of furniture and home goods all of which can be customized in various ways. We also offer a 100% custom designed furniture option where our client works with one of our designers to develop a truly one of a kind piece. Both our custom service as well as our product line will be offered online, through affiliated retailers both on-line and brick and mortar, and eventually through the Bear It No More brick and mortar shop. Our products are made in America by the hands of skilled craftsmen and women, using highest quality and lowest environmental impact materials.